Twin Delivery from your fun-Doctor!


Hi Friends

Did you know “A joke a day keeps the doctor away” ? Unless he happens to be your fun-Doctor, in which case enhanced empathy with him is the outcome!

You have heard jokes & PJ’s (poor jokes) all your life. But have any of you ever had a brush with twin jokes? Well, I guess not. OK, so here comes an introductory sample:

1)  What is the height of honesty?  Answer: A pregnant lady buying one-and-a-half tickets in a DTC bus! (That, as we all know, is an example of a PJ).

2) What is the height of dishonesty?  No, the answer to that is not another PJ, but a full-fledged joke which goes as under:

A young lady boards a jam-packed DTC bus and snuggles next to a general (unreserved) seat occupied by a bhola looking sardarji, with the expectation of being offered the seat by him. Not eliciting any response, she chooses to blurt out rebuking: “Don’t you have the courtesy to offer your seat to a pregnant lady?”  Feeling flustered and awkward, poor sardarji promptly gets up and his seat is taken. However, on a surreptitious closer inspection, sardarji cannot help remarking: “But ma’am you don’t really look like you are pregnant!” Only to hear her retort: “How the hell would I look that way? After all it’s only half an hour old”.

Now that ladies & gentlemen, & sardarjis (WITH ALL MY DUE APOLOGIES), is the height of dishonesty!

And the combo you just read is an example of a twin joke.

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