Laws of Life

♥ Laws Of Life ♥

1)Law Of Telephone: When You Dial A Wrong Number, You Never Get A Busy Tone.

2)Law Of Mechanical Repair: After Your Hands Become Coated With Grease Your Nose Will Begin To Itch.

3)Law Of The Workshop: Any Tool, When Dropped, Will Roll To The Least Accessible Corner.

4)Law Of The Alibi: If You Tell The Boss You Were Late For Work Because You Had A Flat Tire, The Next Morning You Will Have A Flat Tire.

5)Bath Theorem: When The Body Is Immersed In Water, The Telephone Rings.

6) Law Of Encounters: The Probability Of Meeting Someone You Know Increases When You Are With Someone You Don’t Want To Be Seen With.

7) Law Of The Result: When You Try To Prove To Someone That A Machine Won’t Work, It Will.

8) Law Of Bio mechanics: The Severity Of The Itch Is Inversely Proportional To The Reach.

9) Theater Rule: People With The Seats At The Furthest From The Aisle Arrive Last.

10) Law Of Coffee: As Soon As You Sit Down For A Cup Of Hot Coffee, Your Boss Will Ask You To Do Something Which Will Last Until The Coffee Is Cold.

11) Law Of Proposal : After U Accept A Proposal You Will Get A Better One :-D

Mr. Lawyer NoBrainer !

(Did you know “A joke a day keeps the doctor away”? Unless he happens to be your fun-Doctor, in which case enhanced empathy with him is the outcome!)

Lawyer- Before the death certificate was signed, had you taken the pulse ?

Pathologist- No.

Lawyer- Did you listen to the heart ?

Pathologist – No.

Lawyer- Did you check for breathing ?

Pathologist – No.

Lawyer – So, when the death certificate was signed you weren’t actually sure he was dead, were you ?

Pathologist – Well, let me put it this way. The man’s brain was sitting in a jar on my desk. But I guess it’s possible he could be out there practicing law somewhere.