Take It From Me!


An intended work of humour that purports nothing, for now, except to amuse the reader with its sheer word jugglery.

Lately, I have taken to humour rather seriously and this seems to have taken my friends by storm. So taken-a-back they appear at my new-found fervour for humour that it is going to take a lot of doing on my part to take their minds off the idea that I might have gone nuts!

For this is precisely the notion that seems to have taken hold of their thought machinaries.  Taking into account the fact that only until the other day I had been quite a dud, in terms of my perceived humour quotient, this is not exactly surprising. But take my word, I have myself been taken quite unawares by an inner urge that forced me to take a fancy for humour in all its variants – ranging from the soulful to the sacrilegious, the  breezy to the black , the self-abnegating  to the sycophant and from the krispy to just kool (sic)!

Although I did not myself take long to come to terms with this change that has taken place in my attitude (as a whole), and accept it as a matter of fact, I will, perhaps, do well to allow my friends to take their own time in taking stock of my intentions which, despite having taken an apparently snide turn, remain friendly as ever.

Not that I take exception to my friends beginning to regard me as some kind of a nincompoop who, as it would seem to them, is taking great pains in trying to prove that he is a nut as well. In all probabilities, I would have taken steps similar to those of my friends, viz. those of retreat (on confronting me), if I were in their shoes. The dramatic transformation that has taken place in my demeanour, of late, would necessitate this from anyone who finds it difficult to take drama in their stride!

What I will not take kindly to is the idea that they should take fiendish delight in proclaiming acquaintance with me in the manner of pronouncing cognizance of one who, as they say with a curl of the lip, “appears to be acting as though he is taking over from where P.G. Wodehouse left”. For I am not merely acting as one who harbours such intentions, I really mean to. And also, whatever else P.G.Wodehouse, the celebrated twentieth century British humourist, might have done he certainly did not possess the traits of a nincompoop, or of a nut, that my friends seem to be attributing to me. He, I feel, would have taken grave offence at such preposterous opinion!

My not taking an offence does not, however, mean, in any way, my admission of possession of the aforementioned traits. It is merely that I choose not to take heed of their (silly) utterances. After all, which great humourist (!) did not have to contend with similar situations to begin with? And if he had taken such things to heart, would he ever have become what he eventually did?

The remarks of my friends, no doubt, sometimes force me to take a dislike for them but my sense of humour quickly takes the opportunity of showing its worth and makes me issue counter-remarks that, unfortunately, take a lot away from their public image. What surprises me is why they can’t find it possible to take it down their throats that I have merely taken it upon myself to try and take apart cheerlessness from their lives and inject some humour, instead. For this, I am even prepared to take the risk of being sneered at by those who would; to them, I have only this to say, à la Wodehouse: “It takes all sorts to make a world.” I hope they have taken the hint!

Now, then, after all this rigmarole, do I get any takers, please, from all you unsespecting  souls  who would match me in exuberance of honesty by admitting to having been taken for a  ride on my April Fools’ wagon today. All those who do, get to take my hand extended in friendship for fun, frolic & free-speak pathway to love, learning & laughter through a celebratory consumption of human follies & foibles serving as fodder for the funny bone, with more platters to follow in the ensuing weeks.

Happy All Fools’ Day!

PS: Your fun-fool home task after reading this piece is to tell me how many takes were incorporated in the compilation of this joy-ride of fun phrases utilizing the word ‘take’. If you counted correctly, you would realize how much ‘patience’ this fun-doctor of yours painstakingly practiced in coming up with this laughter capsule for your fun-consumption. Well, its not for nothing I have been named “Sudhir Bhushan”, transcribed “Jewel of Virtuous Patience”!

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